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I have lived in my Sarasota home for over 4 years now, and have had my units serviced by 3 different AC companies. Not all good experiences.  I was told I needed a deep cleaning of my coils and that they needed to be cut out and removed, then reinstalled. Not True.


I was also told I needed a new air handler. Not True. I was told I needed a new fan motor for one of my condensers, where in reality it was just a capacitor which is a fraction of the cost. I was told I needed new thermostats. Not True.  


I was told I have mold growing in my units. Not True.

I am sure that many of you out there have experienced the same or similar scenarios on some of your service calls.

As the owner of Modern Concepts, I can assure all of our customers that you will be presented with the Quality, Professionalism, and Respect that you deserve.

Our technicians are not salesmen and will not pressure you into expensive or unnecessary repairs, just so they can make a commission.

We will provide you with the most honest and cost-effective options for all of your air conditioning or heating needs.


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